The CIPD Awards in Wales 2024 Recognises Leading HR Talent

The CIPD Awards in Wales 2024 Recognises Leading HR Talent

In HR, honouring the leading talent and appreciating them is important. It drives them towards innovation and motivates them to do better. Additionally, it is essential for progress. Well, knowing this, the CIPD organised the HR awards in Wales in 2024.

From HR professionals to industry experts, skilled leaders, and organisations, everyone came together to celebrate the achievements of each individual in the field of HR. Moreover, these experts should exemplary dedication, creativity, and transformation.

Additionally, here is what Lesley Richards, head of the CIPD in Wales, has to say about the awards:
” The CIPD awards in Wales are a great opportunity to recognise excellent, innovative and life changing work. Moreover, we are always impressed by the number of entries. But, what shocked us this year was that we got record-breaking entries.

She also said that:

” HR and people development is an integral part of every organisation. They help people thrive towards excellence. Lastly, all those winners selected are examples of the difference HR experts make.”

Well, are you curious to learn more about these incredible awards that recognise the leading HR talent? Then this blog is for. Here we will walk you through the highlights of this award session. Moreover, we will tell you about which individual stood out the most for their services. So, come on! Stop scrolling and read our blog! It is going to be an educational one. Let’s go!

CIPD Awards: Recognising HR Talent

These awards in Wales 2024 are a way to recognize all the efforts and hard work of the professionals. Additionally, it shows the remarkable achievements and commitment to thrive in the HR industry.

The CIPD award was held at Cardiff City Stadium in Wales. Additionally, it is the seventh ceremony. This year, nine people were recognized for their incredible services. Some popular names that stood out the most were Cathryn Sims and Phil Hawkins for excellence in HR leadership.

Apart from this, Amy Foat-Smith was named as the best consultant. The judges praised her for all the impact she made in the workplace.

After going through the solid selection process, they came to the winners’ name. Each one of them has its contributions and reflects different HR excellence. From small workplaces to big organisations and services like Assignment Writing Help in Dubai, all came together to celebrate diversity. Additionally, the people who played a part in selecting the winners are:

  • The chief HR officer for Siderise Group, Mark Hendy
  • Mark Stevenson, chief people officer for South Wales Police
  • Amanda Arrowsmith, people, and transformation director at CIPD
  • Gayle Budden, head of HR for Castell Howell Foods

Well, enough of this chit-chatting. Here are some highlights of the show. Let’s have a look at them. They include:

Highlights of the Awards

From best HR in-house team to HR innovation award, here are some of the top highlights of the show. Let’s have a look at them in detail. Let’s go!

⦁ HR Team of the Year

Here comes the first one! This award celebrates the exceptional services an HR team provides to an organisation. It shows their collaborations, strategic thinking, and innovations that set their workplace up for success. Moreover, one of the winners of this category is Ogi, a small-scale employer. Apart from Coleg y Cymoedd, a large employer also won this award.

Both of them stood out for their transformative work. Additionally, these awards highlight their contribution to enhancing employee engagement and fostering inclusivity. Now, come on! Let’s move to the next part.

⦁ HR Innovation Award

This is another category of the award show. Think of innovation as the heart of a workplace. And to recognise this, CIPD introduced this category. Moreover, the winners of this category showed their commitment to thinking outside the box and going beyond basic human resource strategies. Now, come on! Let’s move to the next one!

⦁ Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The next category is diversity and inclusion. Think of them as building blocks that drive organisations toward success. Many experts and services, such as assignment writing help in Dubai, are playing their part in bringing diversity and inclusion. However, this year, the professionals who stood out and won this award are:

  • Transport for Wales ( Public Sector)
  • Wales and West Utilities ( Private Sector)

Moreover, while the Office for National Statistics couldn’t win, they were highly recommended in this category. Additionally, they all serve as a beacon that strives to bring change.

⦁ Employee Well-being Initiative of the Year

In a workplace, employee well-being is crucial. Moreover, experts working in this strive to bring a healthy environment. In this category, the winners were Pobl Group and Awen Cultural Trust. Moreover, a special award was given to Ulie Grabham for the JGHR Pledge.

So, these are some main highlights of the show. But, hold on, others were also recognized for their services. Here is a short overview of these winners.

Other Winners for CIPD Awards in Wales 2024:

  • Best change management initiative: Health Education and Improvement Wales with Aneurin Bevan UHB
  • Amy Foat-Smith as Best HR consultant:
  • Best Consultancy: Insight HRC with CSA Catapult
  • Best L/D Initiatives: Resolution at Work for under 300 employees and BBC Wales Cymru for over 300 workers.
  • Moreover, shared Services Connected Ltd with the Home Office as the Best Resourcing and Talent Management Initiative
  • Excellence in HR leadership: Cathryn Sims, Creditsafe
  • Rising Star of the People profession: Phil Hawkins, Credit Safe


So, this brings us to the end of the guide. Think of these CIPD awards in Wales as a testament to the remarkable talent present in the organisations. Furthermore, his ceremony celebrates the diverse parts of HR excellence. These were some of the names that stood out the most for their professional services. As we reflect on these, we get to know this field’s transformative power.